25€ - *Raw specialties

Selection of tartare, crustaceans and seafood according to daily availability


Allergens: clams

18€ - Selection of fresh seafood of the day


Allergens: clams

10€ - *Sashimi tuna tartare with ginger, caper powder and candied lime

Allergens: fish, soy

10€ - *Sashimi swordfish tartare with orange and pistachio emulsion

Allergens: fish, soybeans, nuts

10€ - *Shi drum tartare with Teriyaki sauce, olive charcoal and candied cherry tomato

Allergens: fish, soy

15€ - *Trio of shi drum Tartare, Tuna and Swordfish

Allergens: soy, fish, nuts

15€ - *Crown of purple shrimp from Gallipoli

Allergens: shellfish

Seafood Appetizers

20€ - *Appetizer tasting "Il Pettolino"

Allergens : gluten, fish, eggs, milk, shellfish, soy

12€ - Croutons with Cantabrian anchovies and “Beppino Occelli” butter

Allergens: gluten, fish, milk

12€ - *Catalan prawns with sweet and sour onion, crispy celery and pineapple emulsion

Allergens: shellfish, gluten, eggs

8€ - Mussel sauté with cherry tomatoes and croutons

Allergens: gluten, molluscs, sulphites

12€ - *Seared octopus on chickpea cream and local “friggitelli” peppers

Allergens: molluscs

12€ - *Amberjack steaks with tomato cream, olives, capers, raisins and pine nuts

Allergens: fish, celery, nuts

Meat dishes

8€ - Rocket flan, candied cherry tomatoes, stracciatella and spiced croutons

Allergens: milk, gluten, eggs

12€ - Capocollo of Martina Franca with burratina, croutons and semi-dried cherry tomatoes

Allergens: gluten, milk

8€ - Aubergine casserole with stracchino heart (very soft & fresh cheese)

Allergens: gluten, milk

Seafood first courses

15€ - *Fresh paccheri with seafood, squid and candied cherry tomato

Allergens: gluten, shellfish

7€ - Tubettini “Cavalieri” in fish soup with fresh fish of the day of your choice

Allergens: gluten, shellfish

13€ - Spaghettoni Cavalieri with clams with shallot and pistachio emulsion(Cooking time as a process 18min)

Allergeni: glutine, pesce, molluschi

15€ - *Risotto Acquerello with black tea, anchovies from the Cantabrian sea, dried tuna and prawns(Cooking time as a process 18min)

Allergens: milk, shellfish, celery

10€ - Spaghettoni “Cavalieri” with mussels, aubergine cream and toasted breadcrumbs(Cooking time as a process 18min)

Allergens: gluten, shellfish

15€ - Fusilloni with basil pesto, burrata cream and shrimp tartare

Allergens: gluten, milk, shellfish

Ground first courses

8€ - Maritati with snapped tomatoes and fresh cacioricotta

Allergens: gluten, milk

Main dishes of the sea
25€ - *Salted or grilled purple prawns from Gallipoli

Allergens: shellfish

14€ - *Frittura di paranza (mixed fried fish) with squid and white prawns

Allergens: fish, shellfish, gluten

15€ - *Tuna steak with caper powder, teriyaki sauce and ginger

Allergens: Fish, Soy

13€ - *Swordfish like Gallipolina-tradition or Grilled

Allergens: fish, gluten, milk

25€ - *Grilled Shrimp, Tuna, Swordfish and Octopus with vegetable caponatina

Allergens: fish, celery, molluscs

Fish of the day 7€/(hectogram)

Allergens: fish

Meat dishes

18€ - Grilled Scottona steak (about 300g) with side dish of your choice

Allergens: gluten, fish, eggs, milk, shellfish, soy

12€ - Roast Beef with rocket, parmesan flakes, candied tomatoes and restricted balsamic

Allergens: milk

16€ - Pork ribs cooked at low temperature, glazed with bbq sauce and dippers chips

Allergens: soy, celery

6€ - Dark chocolate pie “Guanaja Valrhona 70%”

Allergens: milk, eggs, soy, gluten

5€ - Cheese cake with wild berries and crumble

Allergens: milk, gluten, nuts

5€ - Tonka bean Crème Brûlée

Allergens: Milch, eggs

5€ - *Artisan spumoni of your choice

Allergens: ask the staff, based on the choice you made

5€ - Cannolo stuffed with ricotta and pistachio grains

Allergens: milk, soy, gluten, nuts

Frozen products – The dishes marked with (*) are prepared with raw material originally frozen, deep-frozen or frozen.

Raw materials / Products slaughtered on site – Some fresh products of animal origin, as well as raw fishery products, are subjected to rapid temperature reduction to guarantee quality and safety, as described in the HACCP Plan pursuant to EC Reg. 852/04 and EC Reg. 853/04.